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Ian Bone

MMA Sports Exclusive interview - interviewed by Chad Frost

Ian Bone is a likeable larrikin from Townsville north of Queensland. He exploded onto the Australian MMA landscape towards the end of 2007, with his “Romper Stomper” look, a willingness to take on any opponent and not to mention his aggressive style, he has quickly become a fan favorite. Outside the cage he is a doting father and family man. But once the door shuts behind him he is anything but laid back.

MMA Sports Stats:
Style: Stand Up Fighter
Strengths: Striking, Power, Aggression, Improving Ground Game
Record: 5 wins, 2 losses, 0 draws

mma sports - How / when did you get started in MMA and how long have you been training?
Ian - I started training in MMA with Colin Crosby and Craig Cruickshank at Kickstart Fitness Centre Townsville late 2005. I was looking for something and found it in MMA. You learn a lot about yourself training and competing in MMA.

mma sports - What do you like to do when you’re not training or preparing for a fight?
Ian - If I'm not playing with my gorgeous daughter, I really enjoy lifting heavy weights and training with my mates. And the occasional dinner and wine out at a nice restaurant with my partner and our close friends.

mma sports - What do you think of the Australian MMA scene?
Ian - The Australian MMA scene is moving along in leaps and bounds and so far it has been really enjoyable to be a part of it. I have been lucky enough to have plenty of support from Kickstart Fitness Centre and Brace Gear. (

mma sports - When is your next fight - and with which organization?
Ian - My next fight is for X-agon in Sydney at the beginning of July. I'm looking forward to an exciting battle.

mma sports - Would you like to fight on one of the “big shows” overseas?
Ian - I would love the opportunity at some stage to train then fight overseas.

mma sports - If you had the opportunity, where would you like to train overseas?
Ian - Anywhere that would put me up? Japan would be nice then maybe the US, UK or Canada.....oh hell anywhere that would have me!

mma sports - Do you have a day job – if so what is it?
Ian - I was in the Army with the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment for 8 years. I discharged 6 months ago and now I run a personal training business EDGE FITNESS NQ and work out of Kickstart Fitness Centre Townsville.

mma sports - Is there an MMA fighter that you particularly admire?
Ian - At the moment GSP impresses the hell out of me. But I always love to watch fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Robbie Lawler, Chris Lytle and Joe Riggs........

mma sports - Do you have any ideas for, or a preferred fighting nickname? (I tried to get Ian “Bad to the” Bone going with an X-agon review a while back)
Ian - I'm not to sure on the whole nickname business. But I'm sure maybe one day something will stick - maybe Ian "The Orangutan" or the "FOT". All my old army buddies would love "FOT" to stick. We decided not to ask what FOT meant???

mma sports - Who is your biggest influence, both inside and outside of the cage?
Ian - Colin Crosby and Craig Cruickshank are responsible for the fighter I am today. Before I started training with them I was a blank slate. I owe all my skill sets to them. I probably owe a little bit of my determination to the Army. And I always appreciate the support of my partner.

mma sports - Who do you think will win Affliction’s main event – Tim Sylvia or Fedor Emelianenko?
Ian - Fedor I hope.

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