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Korey Gibson

MMA Sports Exclusive interview - interviewed by Chad Frost

Korey Gibson is the current Warriors Realm Lightweight Champion. His last time out, in late 2007, he scored an impressive 2nd round KO win (and the belt) over highly touted Alex Prates. His record stands at 4 fights with 4 wins. He trains out of the prolific Integrated Martial Arts Gym (IMA) in Queensland. He is a successful businessman, animal lover, even a bit of a greeny and not to mention a very proud Kiwi! MMASPORTS recently caught up with him and here’s what he had to say…

mmasports - Has your life changed since winning the WR Lightweight Title? (Future fight offers, overseas opportunities, stuff like that)

Korey - Nah not much at all, I’ve had a bit of a break with injury. Over the last year or so painkillers had become a common occurrence for me, so I had to go and have surgery on my right shoulder.

We held out as long as possible, but it got to the point where brushing my teeth was a problem so it became a must. I didn’t want to be not able to brush my hair – that would be a tragedy! hahaha. So they took 1.3cm off of my right collarbone, removed the right AC joint and scraped out some bone spurs and calcification – worse than a reconstruction apparently!

It’s been 5 weeks today and I’ve got another 5 months of rehab to go!! I find rehab so boring and I’ve never been good at it, but this time I’m treating it like a fight and doing it properly. Dan Higgins and my IMA teammates are very supportive. So it’s back to the inclined treadmill for me today – it’s ok though, I always make sure I find one next to an old lady to make myself look good! Hahaha!

mmasports - When is your next title defence / fight, and what organisation?

Korey - That’s one for my coach Dan Higgins and manager Tony Green to decide – I would love to fight in September, but November is probably more realistic. Warriors realm, CFC or the NZ Hextreme show would be awesome – I’d love to fight in front of all the cuzzies and Aunties in NZ, guaranteed a mean feed for me and the boys after the fight too!

mmasports - What action hero most suits you, and why?

Korey - It would have to be Batman’s sidekick “Robin” – our Integrated Martial Arts Team is second to none and boasts fighters such as Adrian Pang, Kyle Noke, Matty Cain, Michael Mortimer, Ryan Mortimer and Mandy Stewart – they are great friends and awesome fighters as you know, so to give myself any advantage possible, at training I will try and put them off from time to time – thus wearing my groin guard on the outside of my pants....

mmasports - What do you think about the Australian MMA scene?

Korey - I think it’s great! Top Aussie fighters are putting Australia as a whole on the map – and we are being recognised thanks to them and the high standard Australia has. This obviously comes back to the Aussie coaching staff too. Speaking on behalf of our team, our Head Coach Danny Higgins and our stand up coach Steve Compton are world class.

mmasports - Would you like to fight in the US in the future?

Korey – Definitely!

mmasports - Where would you like to train in the US?

Korey - We have a relationship with Greg Jackson’s Team in the USA, and Dan and Kyle head over a few times each year. But it comes down to me proving myself, racking up more fights and improving as a fighter – once I can do this on a consistent basis maybe someone will take a chance with me, until then I think Adrian Pang really deserves his shot in the US before anyone else at his weight at this time – how many times does a fighter have to prove himself? – He continues to do it year after year.

mmasports - Are you looking to add a fighting nickname like stable mate "Rolling Bear"?

Korey - Hahaha – Matty’s actually changed it to “Rolling Bare” – it’s making training really uncomfortable at the moment when he does roll bare – but hey anything for the bro! Hahaha

mmasports - If so we can start it here!

Korey - Once upon a time I was called the Ginger Bread Man (I was cheeky, but no one could catch me hahaha) by mates back home – they all remind me of the Shrek movie now – poor Ginger Bread Man!

mmasports - Is there an MMA fighter that you particularly admire?

Korey - Anderson Silva and GSP would be my favourite two.

mmasports – Why?

Korey - There all round skills are just phenomenal and they are very humble and respectful.

mmasports - Do you have a day job? If so what is it?

Korey -Yes thanks for asking bro! I’m the owner and Director of Boot Camps Australia, a company a friend and I started way back in 2004 – 4 years on and it’s still going strong. We have franchises in QLD and NSW, head office is 600m from my house in New Farm Brisbane, I have an awesome group of young, fit and professional people working for me that love to learn and that I can trust - that makes my life a lot easier! Feel free to check us out on – NO CREW CUTS REQUIRED! hahaha

mmasports - Who do you think is the best fighter to emerge from "The Ultimate Fighter" TV series?

Korey - Tough one brother - Rashad Evans or Matt Serra probably.

mmasports -Thanks for your time Korey

Korey - Sweet as brother anytime.

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