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LUCAS"BIG DADDY " BROWNE Exclusive Interview
By Elie for MMA Sports

Big Daddy Lucas Browne stormed onto the MMA scene knocking out his first five opponents in the first round. With a bright future looming ahead, the raw powerhouse fighter is destined for big things… Watch out for Big Daddy!!!

Elie: You burst onto the MMA scene in 2009 and racked up 5 first round knockouts, very impressive, how did that feel?
Lucas: Well something I’ve always dreamed about is being the Heavyweight Champion and I was very happy that it happened as quick as it did, but now realise how hard I’m going to have to work to make it big in America. And now that I’ve had a loss against a world class opponent, I now know what level I need to be at to mix it with the big boys.

Elie: You have fought some very tough talent, are they the kind of fights you are looking for?
Lucas: I think in the fight game you always have to challenge yourself and unless you’re getting challenged, you’re never going to get any better, so I welcome the tough opponents. In the fight game you’re only as good as your last opponent.

Elie: Your last fight was a knockout win over NZ fighter Sam Brown, what were your thoughts on that fight?
Lucas: I would have to say I was the most nervous for this fight, because I was coming off my first loss and I know that people were going to be watching to see how I bounced back, and at the same time it was my first MMA fight in a ring. I’ve always gone into a fight to finish off the opponent as quick as possible, but with this one I wanted to take my time. I think it was the perfect comeback fight for me to get my confidence back up to where it should be.

Elie: What has been your most memorable fight?
Lucas: Would have to be my fight against Felise Leniu. For two reasons; one being that it had been the first time I had been rocked in a fight and had to come back, and two, it was that fight that made me realize I needed to fight my own fight and not someone else’s. And the two fights after that exemplified that by being 13 and 38 seconds long.

Elie: Your MMA record is basically a list of knockouts; I take it you prefer to keep the fight standing?
Lucas: I just love punching on. Chuck Liddell became a Hall-of-Famer with that strategy, so I can’t see why I can’t do the same. Of course MMA is an all-round game and I will still be working on all those facets, but knocking people out is just fun.

Elie: You’re 120kg, 6’5”, but move really well for a man of that stature, where does that come from?
Lucas: I am now and always have been a Weet-Bix kid. I’ve always been a very active kid excelling at every sport I attempted and I think that fighting is one of the last sports I really wanted to do before I got too old. I’ve played State Rep level of numerous sports and never saw myself as the ‘big man’, but now I want to make my mark on a world stage.

Elie: Should I even guess how your nickname ‘Big Daddy’ came about?
Lucas: Well I’m sort of large and have three kids, so that pretty much explains itself, but I knew that I needed something to identify myself by and didn’t want to be that big bald guy with tats, so the name BIG DADDY was thought of to rectify that. So now where ever I go people say “you’re that Big Daddy guy?”

Elie: Tell us a little about your fighting background? How did you get started in MMA?
Lucas: Besides the fact that I’ve worked as a bouncer for the past eight years and have always been around violence, I thought doing it in a cage with people cheering me on was the logical step forward. I started doing an MMA class once a week in late 2008 and some Kung Fu in early 2009, but really got serious with training after my first CFC fight in February 2009. I basically jumped in head first to test myself out and came out on top in the first one, but realized I had a lot to learn.

Elie: You train out of one of the best MMA gyms in the country, Elite Fight Gym, how did you end up there?
Lucas: My first ever fight was against Jeff King of EFG and really liked the way the TeHuna brothers operated and looked after their fighter, and even after the fight came in to congratulate me. It was at that fight that I realized I needed a proper corner and people with experience to be able to take me further. I looked at their website and in big letters was LAND OF THE HEAVYWEIGHTS and I quickly realized a week later when I attended my first session that I had found a new home.

Elie: Who are some of the people who help you prepare for a fight?
Lucas: From a background and logistics point of view my girlfriend helps enormously with preparation, tickets, behind the scenes, merchandise, etc. Obviously my trainers, the TeHuna brothers and Stevie Ashby, along with a stella cast of heavyweights willing to put their bodies on the line in training. So whoever is fighting at the time can be well prepared for their battle ahead. We do from time to time go to different gyms for more style specific training like the McKinnons at Bulldogs Gym Castle Hill for the kickboxing expertise and Igor and the boys out at Bondi for their world class wrestling skills.

Elie: What can fans expect from ‘Big Daddy’ moving forward in your career?
Lucas: I have realised the fight game is as much about being a business and is much more than just punching on. So along with some more great fights to come, there will also be an online store with the new and improved range of BIG DADDY clothing and merchandise and will be looking at gaining sponsorship on my way to bigger and better fights overseas in Japan and hopefully UFC.

Elie: Speaking of the UFC, they are likely to come down next year for there second event here in Australia, is that a fight card you’d like to be on?
Lucas: After attending the first UFC in Australia earlier this year and watching my stable mate Jamie fight his first fight in the UFC, it has been pretty much the only thing on my mind since. I would love nothing more than to showcase my skills to the wider UFC audience whilst having the Australian crowd behind me cheering me on.

Elie: Which heavyweight would you choose to fight from the UFC and why?
Lucas: I think once you get to UFC level, it doesn’t matter who you fight, they will always be a challenge and at this point, there is no one in the Heavyweight division that I dislike as a fighter. I often get people asking me if I would fight Kimbo Slice and without hesitation the first response is “hell yeah!”. His reputation as a thug proceeds him, so I wouldn’t mind taking that crown.

Elie: Your next fight is ‘Big’ Jim Yorke, very tough opponent, what’s the game plan?
Lucas: I think stylistically Jim and myself are very similar. From the fights I have seen of him, he favours his hands over everything else and is very strong in the clinch, and since the loss I have been working very hard on my wrestling. So from my point of view I would love nothing more than for us to just stand and trade.

Elie: What are your predictions on the fight?
Lucas: I think Jim is the closest fighter with a style that is most similar to myself in Australia, so I see the two of us clashing in pretty much every aspect of MMA. I basically see two big boys coming together in an old fashioned bar brawl and giving the crowd exactly what they paid for.

Elie: Is there anyone else specific you would like to fight in Australia?
Lucas: Big Soa “The Hulk” will be fighting against Daniel Cormier in the co-main event for the world title on the same night I defend my Oceania title against Jim York. I would love for Soa to win and bring it back to Australian shores, so then I could eventually have another crack at it.

Elie: One celebrity you’d like to face in the cage?
Lucas: Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’d love to see if the ballerina can really fight.

Elie: What goes through your mind as you face off against your opponent at the weigh ins?
Lucas: Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in – this may be your new facebook profile pic.

Elie: Thank you for the interview, any final words?
Lucas: I’d like to thank everyone at EFG, Blacktown Tattoo, PUNCH as well as all my family, friends and fans for their support.


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