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Xavier Lucas - THE X Ė MAN

MMA Sports Exclusive interview - interviewed by Chad Frost

Xavier Lucas has been tearing his way through everyone placed in front of him in Australian MMA. This former Special Forces recruit grew up in South Africa but he now calls Australia home. Not only does he walk the walk, he also talks the talk! We caught up with the self - confessed adrenalin junkie in between training sessions, at the hotbed of MMA in Western Australia Mach 1 Fitness, preparing for his CFC (Cage Fighting Championships) title fight on the 23 May.

MMA Sports - How is your preparation going for your upcoming title fight against Shane Nix?
Xavier Ė Itís going great, I feel awesome, and I feel like a champ! I feel good mentally and physically.

MMA Sports - What do you think will be your strengths in the fight? (Without giving too much away)
Xavier - Hahaha come and see me on the 23rd of May. I got something for that assÖ.! I am not worried about the belt. Shane is just another obstacle in my way of wanting to become one of the best MMA fighters in the WORLD!

MMA Sports - Have you seen much of Shane, if so what do you think of his style?
Xavier - Yeah I have seen some of his fights, he likes takedowns with ground and poundÖ

MMA Sports - You have a boxing background, do you think MMA is tougher than boxing? If so, why?
Xavier - With MMA you have to worry about takedowns, kicks, grappling - where as in boxing youíre just dodging punches and body movement, boxing is more endurance training - where MMA is more explosive training. I love both sports they are unique in their own ways!

MMA Sports - Do you have a day job? If so, what is it?
Xavier - Yeah I do. Well before coming to Australia, I lived in South Africa and I was a policeman, patrol dog handler in the Dog Unit, then I joined the Special Task Force - Special Forces. I resigned from the Task Force and I came to Australia. I am now working for SCT (logistics) and am a shunter (drives a small rail engine used to move cars around).

MMA Sports - Would you like to fight on one of the 'Big Shows' overseas in the future?
Xavier - Yeah I want to become the best MMA fighter in the world. Wherever the best are fighting, thatís where I want to be, I want to show the world my skills!

MMA Sports - You have one of the best fight-names in Australian MMA (X-Man), who gave it to you?
Xavier - Haha yeah well, it started growing up, my friends were to lazy to call me Xavier so they called me 'X' and it kind of stuck with me. Itís a hood thing, in the hood everybody has a nickname. Haha And now Iím the 'X-MAN'

MMA Sports - What do you think of the MMA scene in Australia?
Xavier - Man itís growing so fast itís amazing! And thereís so much talent here in Australia. There are some great fighters here that have got big things ahead of them- they must just stay focused!

MMA Sports - Is there an MMA fighter that you particularly admire? If so, why?
Xavier - There are so many good MMA fighters out there, Fedor, Mirko, GSP, Anderson Silva, Sakurai, Wanderlei. But it would have to be Fedor, because he is mentally and physically strong and focused on what needs to be done.

MMA Sports - What action / super hero best suits you and why?
Xavier - Haha I am my own action hero 'X-MAN'. It will have to be Russel Crowe in GLADIATOR, in that movie he was mentally and physically prepared for any obstacle put in front of him, because of the road he travelled, just like my road... I like the part where he says 'I will give them something they have never seen before!' Hahaha

MMA Sports - Seeing as though it's on the same weekend, who will win at UFC 84 - BJ Penn or Sean Sherk?
Xavier Ė Hmmmm, muscle against technique and experienceÖ Hmmmm it will be a good fight, both are awesome fighters but I think it will be BJ Penn.

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